In recent years, the culture of wine drinking has reached a new level, gathering new traditions and rituals around itself. From the moment the bottle is uncorked, the intriguing process of opening the bouquet under the influence of oxygen begins. It is like a logical continuation of the ripening of grapes: illuminated by the sun and blown by fresh winds, it continues its story in decanting the finished wine.

The decanter plays an important role in the quality saturation of wine with oxygen and light. By pouring a drink from a bottle into a decanter, real magic happens, even young wine reveals an incredible taste and aroma. And the serving itself in the decanter looks aesthetically pleasing and presentable.

Decanting allows you to rid the wine of sediment, tannins and allow it to breathe for the full development of the taste. Thanks to aeration, the wine reveals its aroma and flavor potential. Just leaving the bottle open is not enough. A decanter is needed to fully develop the deep aroma.

Every detail of the decanter is handcrafted, unique and harmoniously complements the entire look. Crystal does not tarnish over time, as does your story. “Crystal Heritage” can become your cultural family heritage, passed down from generation to generation.

Light and crystal are made for each other. Their union gives birth to real magic. All facets of mood shimmer in a handmade pattern, as a symbol of the most sincere and warm feelings.

Wine serving becomes more aesthetically pleasing with a decanter. You will be a true sommelier as you surprise your guests with a unique rotating bowl and table setting. A natural crystal decanter can be a luxurious gift for yourself and your loved ones, for friends and business partners. “Crystal Heritage” comes in an exclusive gift box finished in delicate velvet and can be ordered in addition to the decanter. The packaging is made by hand, combining the natural texture of delicate velvet and cardboard.


Volume — 1500 ml
Weight — 2450 g
Height — 27 cm
Width — 17,5 cm

Wine decantation is a mesmerizing dance that conveys delight and pleasure, revealing its taste in a glass. Even a wine with an obstinate character will not resist the charm and tenderness of “Crystal Heritage”. It will surrender without a fight, revealing its best flavor characteristics.

High quality silver plating is used on metal parts.

Order a decanter from the limited edition “Crystal Heritage” and make sure that the wine looks especially bright and attractive in clear crystal. You will learn how the taste becomes richer and much softer in just ten minutes of aeration.

European quality.


Crystal Heritage

100% Crystal (24% Pb)
Gift box option
12 months warranty
TNT Express delivery

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